for quite some time..

it has been awhile since i last received Christmas gifts.
the reason i posted this is not to boast that i got gifts this year.
but, firstly, wanna thank God for blessing me with such great friends around me.
whether you have given me something or not, you guys are the best gift ler.
and i really appreciate & with gratitude would like to thank those who blessed me with these.................

#finally i've got my very own 'batu' shoe. I remembered Nicholas the lawyer told me(during Christmas presentation at Dewan Sri, recently), " owning a pair of 'batu' shoe shows that you are a man" haha...#

#i like the bottom of the shoe. Looks cool. It feels cool toooo...#

#these are few gifts from my usm, CF friends, including gift exchange#

# enjoyed the Christmas celebration on the 22nd#

Thanks again to all



Blessed Christmas !!!


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