what can you see?

It's easier looking at it here rather than the real poster. But the real poster is awesome. It's made in such a way that it protrudes out from the poster, like a 3D effect.
This picture was taken at Peace Haven, Genting Highlands, during my PKA Family Camp(USM CF)
#try guessing what's in that pic#



for quite some time..

it has been awhile since i last received Christmas gifts.
the reason i posted this is not to boast that i got gifts this year.
but, firstly, wanna thank God for blessing me with such great friends around me.
whether you have given me something or not, you guys are the best gift ler.
and i really appreciate & with gratitude would like to thank those who blessed me with these.................

#finally i've got my very own 'batu' shoe. I remembered Nicholas the lawyer told me(during Christmas presentation at Dewan Sri, recently), " owning a pair of 'batu' shoe shows that you are a man" haha...#

#i like the bottom of the shoe. Looks cool. It feels cool toooo...#

#these are few gifts from my usm, CF friends, including gift exchange#

# enjoyed the Christmas celebration on the 22nd#

Thanks again to all



Blessed Christmas !!!




status: AWAY

Abel's off to Taiping Golf Resort from the 26th - 28th November 2008 & will continue his journey to Peace Haven (somewhere near Genting) from the 28th Nov - 1st December 2008.
First would be the youth camp and the other, PKA Family camp (uni's CF).
So, see ya around!

as for now

abel is & will be 'missing' all these...for one sem...

This is my room, Cahaya Gemilang(CG). It's in campus, near to my school of social sciences, near to library, etc basically it's the central la...BUT all CG-ians have to move to RST( Restu, Saujana & Tekun) next sem as they are gonnna renovate CG...btw, RST is out campus, the one you guys usually pass, near ivory..yea!! that one!!
Anyway, i hardly stay in CG, especially during the exam break. Reason being i've been working with my freind to settle our assignments(we are in the same group for 2 assignment).

Ended up, im closer to my friends at Aman Damai(AD) rather than my very own hostel mates. Haha. My friends here at AD, they are 'ahli SUKSIS' (a.k.a Polis). Cool people!

This is what we do when we are bored or hungry or whatever la...
Buka puasa with them is nice. the best is when we go 'sahor' early in the morning. Hah..
#random pic#

This are few of the CF a.k.a Persaudaraan Kristian Agape(PKA) members. They are one bunch of 'crazy' people. Very helpful, kind, funny, etc.........

We usually lepak at MAMU Burger( it's at RST area). This is one of the best burger ever, cheap and good. Yum yum...
errrmm...uni wil reopen on the 22nd of Dec 2008. *before Christmas* hah...
So, thatz all..heh..

first ever thickest assigmnent

Well firstly, meet my group members..there are 10 of them but one of them was absent..

This is a economic group assignment. We are supposed to hand in a minimum of 300 pages of papers. Title: Perancangan Ekonomi, Proses Belanjawan & Pencukaian.

After so much effort, not enough sleep, lack of time..really spent many hours on this assignment. Many complications. Some misunderstandings, confusion, laziness, some group members not working hard enough, etc...
But whatever it is, everyone gave their best, right?? yea!!
So, we finally manged to complete a 900 plus pages of Economic Assignment...Whoa..Hallelujah!


*jeng jeng*

*pic with Prof. Amir(econz lecturer)-missing 2 members..alwayz missing members eh..hah..


still in a process...getting my blog done..nicer, better...hehe...

ho ho ho..

abel's back...finally...
*stay tune*


This is the second time i did a mistake in changing /upgrading my blog..
Lost EVERYBODY's link!
Have to gather it all back again.


under construction

ah bleh's coming out with a new template.
so, do wait n see...hah..

over for now

mid-sem break is over for now..next holiday will be for 'raya'...
so, might not update lo...
ps: do pop by once in awhile, just in case..
*grin* ?

* no idea*

hello hello...!!
errm..just to inform y'all that i wont be updating for some time as I'm kinda busy with my uni stuff,staying there most of the time. No laptop to carry around, so can't update that often..hah..
Anyway, on holiday now. Will be ending soon, though. Holiday but got assignments, mid-term exam coming, etc.

ps: will update la, just don't know when will be the right time(haha)

til then,



uuhhmmm...abel's trying to update..haha..
but was staying in USM since monday..
wil be staying to night too..
sy akn cuba update ye !

my hostel in USM

Alright ,this is where i stay in USM.
Block H20(room number? ask me... haha), Cahaya Gemilang, Lorong Cahaya.
The ladies stay at Lorong Gemilang.

#this block here existed since 1938#

#front view of my block#


#tv hall#


#my wonderful room#

#my bed#


Actually, there's more picx but just din upload here

bringing the anecdotes back to life !

hey guyz, kinda bored with my blog huh? No updates, no nothing.
well, im back..hehe...hope so..

ellox !

back for a moment!

oh ya, ACTS' coming to penang.
for more info log on to...



see u guyz soon!

hello! slamat pagi !
im going to USM now for orientation til next friday..
so wont be seeing me around la..
hmmm..keep me in prayer



it's been almost half a day..from morning till now..busy settling my uni stuff..kinda tired, though..hah..

will update more!


part 2~G-race

we actually walked more than ever before...haha...
enjoy the picx...

*dish washing*


G-race Season 2

aightx, here are some pic for u guyz to enjoy!