Update lagi tak?

hello hello..

memang lama sejak saya update blog nih.
x de masa kowt..

being attacked!

Out of no where, mosquitoes and insects begin attacking my roommate & I.
Had few though nights hitting them, waking up so many times til almost could not concentrate in class.


new year,
new semester,
new room,
new roommate,
new friends,
new lecturer,
new classes,
new lecture hall,
new environment,
new improvement,
new vision,
new mission,
new objective,
new surroundings,
new culture,
new lifestyle,
new this,
new that,
the list goes on & on...



his name was uncertain
his age was uncertain
his race was uncertain
his family was uncertain
almost everything was uncertain
there is one thing that was certain
his faith in God

condolence to him...


exactly one month from now (6h June), uni reopens.
many things to do even from now.

trying to update about the camp i went to but there seems to be a deadly(i considered it) virus damaging the files and the pc.
so do stay tune

d' journey continues

Hi everyone, I'm back from camp.
It's a really great camp.
But won't update now as im very tired.
just reach today


Hang On There!

Hello everyone!
Abel won't be around until the end of the month, going Camp Cameron, a university CFs camp.
Will keep you guys updated

miss eh?(ceh, perasan)
anyway, you can be with me in your prayer.