hello frenz!

hey guys, how are y'all doin lately?
(reply anywhere you want:cbox or comment) =)

how about you,Abel??
im GREAT!!! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord

Some updates about me since i haven't blog for a long time.
i already stopped working, so if you guys wanna buy socks, you are most welcome to find me as i can buy it cheaper.hehe.
I'm currently waiting for the reply from the government to which uni i'll be entering.I really do not have any idea of which uni i'll be heading to but one thing's for sure, it's in His hands =)
So, i'm kind of free.err, if y'all wanna go hang out or go for sports/games(especially) do inform me.Might, perhaps most probably, will be joining u guys.Need to get fit.haha.dun "lol" when i say fit.hehe...
uhmm...will update more especially on church camp!

love y'all !
*spread the love*
haha(not the wrong one!)


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