taiping zoooooo....

finally after so long, my friends n i managed to make our way to taiping zoo..
for those who haven't been there before or it has been quite some time since you last visited the zoo, enjoy the pictures then.I din upload all the picx ler...

aightx, meet the LIMz aka the drivers(small-sized lim drove there while the big-sized lim drove back) haha..

not daring enough to go more than 120..hah
we went scouting the town area but was totally lost, so we ended up at TESCO taiping for lunch...oh ya, the TESCO here, itz cool man...way way way much nicer than the ones in penang...

it was raining but it stopped, so it was a cool,breezy weather...thank God...as we were walking back, we saw this lazy orang utan with a big dried leaf on its head...haha..sitting there lazily..
i do not know what's this but they stood there, real still, like guarding something...hah..

jus pozing...

like this path way, macam nak kahwin(not me la)

swan-ride after zoo-ing
the lake is so huge!!

finally, went auto-city before heading back to penang...



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