wat the.....??!!

i was browsing thur my fren's blog...i guess wat.....read for urself...
*u guyz might seen or head tis before la*

#Dear GODLIKE,thank you for OWNING me another day. May all the WICKED SICK be healed by your DOMINATING touch. May your PERSEVERANCE be present in the MORNING TAVERN until in the DAWN TAVERN. May you increase our CRITICAL STRIKE from LUCIFER and damage his AEGIS OF THE IMMORTAL with our DIVINE RAPIER. Sorry if we BACKSTAB you. Send us your GAURDIAN ANGEL to save us. May you continue to bring us UNSTOPABLE blessings and fill our hearts with TARRASQUE.. Amen!!Momomomomonster Kill!!!!#

wat is dis la...lolx...?


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